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scary mommy

Here’s What to Expect When you Have Four Kids

“…and even though walking through a buffet line with a 9-month-old in an Ergo is like wearing an octopus, and even though the laundry situation is so dire that you have considered starting a nudist colony, and even though, wait…what was I saying?”



Baby #1 vs. Baby #3

“…First Birthday Party

Baby #1: Select party theme 6 months in advance. Hire photographer, order cake and send save-the-dates. Schedule pre-party baby photo shoot in orchard for birthday party centerpieces.

Baby #3: Pack the family up and head to Round Table Pizza with your Tupperware cupcake carrier filled with baked-from-a-box cupcakes. If you forget the birthday candle, a match can be used in a pinch…” (Read more at


central ca parent

Everything You Need to Know About Transitional Kindergarten

“… Some parents of prospective transitional kindergarteners are choosing to send their children to private transitional kindergarten, when financially feasible. Others are opting to enjoy another year at home with their little one before the hustle and bustle of elementary school begins. (Compulsory education begins at first grade, so transitional kindergarten is completely optional.)…” (Read more from Central California Parent)


Girls on the Grid

Eight Signs You’re Officially a Grown-Up (and other articles)

“…#5. Ariel, you’re 16 years old and you think you are in LOVE with a human you didn’t know before yesterday? Child, PLEASE. Nemo, your mom and siblings were brutally slain by a creepy eel, so can you please give your dad a break and obey him when he tells you to avoid danger?…” (Read more at Girls on the Grid)


A Biblical Woman Laughs at the Future (and other essays)

“…Proverbs 31:25 says that a worthy woman “smiles at the future.”  Um. Yes, please. I’d much prefer to be this smiling, confident woman instead of the frazzled, worried mother of wild animals in toddler suits…” (Read more at Self Talk the Gospel)


fresyes.pngConfessions of a Central Valley Convert

“…I used to razz my best friend from college incessantly about his Fresno roots. But he wore them like a badge of honor. A typical Southern California native, I carried an obnoxious chip on my shoulder. “What do you even DO in Fresno?” I asked. “You’re in the middle of nowhere.” Next thing I knew, I married him, had a couple of his babies and we moved to . . . Fresno…” (Read more at

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